Selling Tips

The most important decision you will make when selling your property will be the agent you decide to list your property with. The best way to approach this is to follow the market and watch what agents in your area are doing and how they market a property. You should read the Property Guide in the Observer and also check out how they market a property on the internet. This is the biggest selling tool for properties in this day and age. Check their photos and their editorial of their listed properties on the internet.

If you aren’t able to do this, then you should ask a couple of different agents to come out and give you an appraisal. This gives you a chance to meet them and hear what they have to say about the way they plan to market your home and what sort of the service they can give you. After this, you should choose the agent you felt most comfortable with and list your property exclusively with them. The reason for exclusively listing with one agent is that, in our office at least

1. Your property becomes a priority in the office with all the sales and administration staff and is discussed in our weekly sales meeting.

2. The keys to your property are in the hands of only agency and you can easily keep track of the people that have access to your home.

3. You will be contacted on a weekly basis and kept up to date with the progress
of your marketing. I am available 24 hours a day to answer any questions for you.

4. You will also be given feedback after each inspection so you know what people think about your property and the price it is listed at. This gives you a good indication if your property is priced well within the market. If it is an Auction you will get an idea of what the Buyer would be prepared to pay for it. 

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and you only get a few seconds to make it. First impressions are extremely important and they can set the tone for the rest of the house inspection. If you start off on a good note you are more likely to finish on one. 

You can help make a good first impression by making sure your yard is tidy and your garden is neat. Small things like a lop sided mail box can make people feel like the rest of the house may not be looked after. If you stand across the road from your house and look at it from a buyer’s point of view you may see a few things you could fix quite easily.

Don’t loose sight of the fact that you are selling because you are moving. Start your packing early. Try to de clutter the house as much as possible by starting to pack things away that you are not using and will not need for a while. Choose a room in the house that you don’t need and pack all the boxes in one place. This will make the packing much easier when the time finally comes. Also put all your family photos away because buyers like to imagine themselves in a house when they are looking to buy and if they are surrounded by your photos they may find it difficult. Also they get distracted by the photos and look at them rather than the house.

One of the best things you can do to help a sale go smoothly is to have your own Building & Pest Report done. This not only lets the buyers know what they are buying up front and stops them trying to knock your price down after they have seen the report or worse, pulling out of the contract altogether. These are both very regular occurrences. It also lets you know about any items you may be able to do something about yourself.

If there are any obvious faults you should fix them if your budget allows. Before doing any major work, get your agent to give you an idea if it is worth fixing so you don’t spend money you may not get back in the sale.

Some Buyers may still insist on getting their own Building & Pests reports done even if you have one to show them. This doesn’t happen very often but it can and Buyers are within their rights to do so if it is a condition of their contract.

* Before inspections or an open house, make sure all windows and doors are open. There is nothing like the smell of fresh air.
* Always leave the home during inspections and open homes. Buyers find it difficult to look at a house while the Seller is close by.
* Turn on all the lights inside the house and open curtains and blinds to let in natural light. This makes the house seem much bigger and brighter.
* If you have pets, make sure they are outside. Remove any food bowls or bedding that belong to your pet. You may not have a problem with pets inside the house but some people do and it can be enough to stop them making an offer.
* Similarly, the same goes for smokers. Remove all ashtrays from the house and make sure you air the home regularly.
* Make sure all your valuables are stored away somewhere safe and not left out in plain sight. We have never had anything go missing from an open home but it is better not to have to worry.
* Buying a home for a family can be quite an emotional process and you can help people feel at home with nice touches such as biscuit barrels on the kitchen bench or fresh flowers placed around the house.
* The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms buyers are most interested in, so make sure they are sparkling clean and tidy. * Have clean towels hanging in the bathroom and uncluttered bench tops in the bathroom and the kitchen. These two rooms can win or lose you a sale. A little extra effort here is well worth the trouble.

You should receive feed back from your agent about inspections & open homes.
This will be in the way of comments from prospective purchasers. Be aware that some may be negative and don’t be offended. Your agent should always give you all the information passed on to them from the people who have visited your home. Negative comments can be very helpful to you and they can be extremely important to the sale of your house. If you are not made aware of the issues that Buyers may have with your property, you may be wasting valuable time and money in the marketing process.

It all comes back to choosing the right agent. With the right agent, selling your property should be hassle free and an enjoyable experience.

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