Tenants Tips


Be Prepared

How much money can you afford to pay for rent, in a week, fortnight or month? Do you want unfurnished or furnished? How many bedrooms do you require? Make sure you check everything carefully before applying for the house or flat.

Applying for the Property

Impress the agent by being prepared. Good agents will require a written application form which will include details such as employment, previous rental history and other details as well as written references, copies of electricity and phone accounts, etc. Do not fill in an application form unless you are sure you want to move in. Once you fill it in the agent has 48 hours to inform you as to whether the application has been accepted or declined.

The Bond and Upfront Money

You should ensure that all funds are available at short notice. Before you can move into a rental property, you will be required to pay the bond which is a minimum of four times the weekly rental amount, as well as two weeks rent in advance. So a total of six times the weekly rent is required before you will be able to move into the property. You should also set aside some extra money for costs such as moving costs, setting up electricity, gas and phone.

Signing the Lease

Under Queensland law, all tenancies must be in writing and you will be required to sign a lease. The lease is for your security of tenure as well as complying with the law. You will be required to sign the lease before taking possession of the property.

Condition Report

The condition report is a very important document that sets out the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. You should check the condition of the property as specified by the agent, record any areas where you disagree and promptly return the condition report to the agent.

Paying Rent

Elders Rentals, in common with most professional agencies, are a cashless office. Whilst the initial bond and 2 weeks rent are normally required to be in cash, from that point on money must be paid in accordance with the options provided by the agent. If you do wish to pay rent over the counter at the office on a regular basis, please make sure you have the correct change. Rent should always be paid in full and on time. Doing this can help to make your overall renting experience more pleasurable and the good relationship you create with the agent will help to ensure you receive a favourable reference when other agencies are looking into your rental history.

While renting the Place

During your tenancy you must take reasonable care of the place and pay rent on time. If you or your visitors damage the place you will be required to repair the damage. If you want to make any changes to the place, for example put up a shelf or paint a room, you will need to get written permission from your agent. This also applies if you want to keep a pet.


As long as you or your visitors have not caused the damage the owner of the property is responsible to repair it. Make sure you contact the Real Estate Agent as soon as possible to report any maintenance or repairs that need to be done. Either telephone, drop in to the office or use our online form.


Your personal possessions, furniture and valuables are your responsibility so it is important that they are adequately insured. The landlord?? 1/2 s insurance policy will not cover your possessions and you should take out contents insurance as a matter of course.


Keep the lines of communication with your property manager open at all times. Honest, open communication is the best way to maintain a happy and professional on-going relationship. If for some reason you?? 1/2 re finding it hard to pay rent on time, inform your agent and come to an arrangement so you can still keep up with your payments ?? 1/2 most agents will be happy to do so.

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